French-Algerian writer and journalist Nabila Ramdani has a new book coming out next month! Titled Fixing France: An Insider’s Guide to a New Republic, the book is set to publish by Hachette nonfiction imprint Public Affairs in the US in September, and by Hurst Publishers in the UK in October.

Ramdani’s book offers a critical glimpse into the many crises that plague the often romanticized nation of France. Ramdani recently posted about the book cover and preorder link on Twitter, brimming with excitement:

The book cover depicts the colors of the French flag as the background along with broken glass in the foreground to showcase the broken state of the nation. Ramdani’s critique is quite explicit – the French republic is broken. However, she provides hope in the synopsis with the statement that broken France “can and must be fixed.”

Read the full synopsis below:

A French-Algerian journalist, born and brought up in a neglected Paris suburb, offers unique insight into crisis-ridden France from a very different perspective to the establishment elites

France, the romanticized, revolutionary land with an enlightened historical mission—Liberty, Equality, Fraternity for all—is failing its own citizens and its admirers around the world. How did the country get here, and what can be done about it?

In Fixing France, Nabila Ramdani assesses the fault lines in her struggling nation with unflinching clarity and originality.

The makeshift Fifth Republic, which emerged from the cataclysmic Algerian War of Independence, has produced extremism. Constitutional reform is urgently needed: an all-powerful monarchical president displays little interest in democracy, while a mainstream far-right party founded by Nazi collaborators threatens to deliver a head of state.

Segregated suburbs, institutionalized rioting, economic injustice, a monolithic education system, the debasement of women, deep-seated racial and religious discrimination, paramilitary policing, terrorism, and a duplicitous foreign policy all fuel the growing crisis.

Coming from a journalist’s perspective, this book is definitely a must read as Ramdani is well known for her critical interventions. Read our book news about Fixing France here.

Nabila Ramdani is a French-Algerian journalist who specialises in Anglo-French issues, Islamic affairs, and the Arab world. Ramdani has an M.Phil in International History from the London School of Economics and an M.Phil in British and American History and Literature from Paris 7 University. Ramdani began her journalism career by covering the 2007 French presidential elections for UK newspapers and working as a BBC commentator. She has written for The Guardian, London Evening Standard, New Statesman, and more.

Preorder Ramdani’s Fixing France here!