In the cool evening breeze
The green and yellow leaves twist and turn
Dancing to a tune only they can hear

Tiny birds, small birds and even big birds
Fly over trees, stand upon branches and take shade underneath the leaves,
They sing and chirp like the world is at their feet

I sit outside and stare at the birds as they wander
beneath the vast blue sky
basking in all the earth’s glory

The sky seems too majestic to be real
The earth too beautiful to be random
The wind too refreshing to be lifeless

I see it–
Majestic yet sorrowful
Peaceful yet tragic
Enjoyable yet wretched

The glory of the trees
The wonder of the birds and the creatures all around
The complex simplicity of the universe

All I know
Do not
Can never know
I see in many brief but spectacular moments

In the cool evening breeze
I wonder why every day is not like this
But I know if it were, this would not be special













Photo by Dominik Inmann on Unsplash