The cover for Africanfuturist author Nnedi Okorafor’s Like Thunder is out.

Like Thunder is the second book from Okorafor’s The Desert Magician’s Duology series. It is set to publish on November 28 by DAW Books, right on the heels of the first book of the series. Book One of The Desert Magician’s DuologyShadow Speaker – will be released on September 26 of this year.

The cover for Like Thunder was illustrated by the talented Greg Ruth, who has worked with Okorafor quite a few times in the past including his work on Shadow Speaker. The cover designer is Jim Tierney.

In a Facebook post, Okorafor praises the stunning cover, saying “The cover was drawn by Greg Ruth (again, the result of a deep conversation between us about the main character) and it’s the first one to feature a male character. I love the electric blue. So perfect!”

What is this novel is about? Read the synopsis, straight from the Desert Magician, below:

Niger, West Africa, 2077

Welcome back. This second volume is a breathtaking story that sweeps across the sands of the Sahara, flies up to the peaks of the Aïr Mountains, cartwheels into a wild megacity—you get the idea.

I am the Desert Magician; I bring water where there is none.

This book begins with Dikéogu Obidimkpa slowly losing his mind. Yes, that boy who can bring rain just by thinking about it is having some…issues. Years ago, Dikéogu went on an epic journey to save Earth with the shadow speaker girl, Ejii Ubaid, who became his best friend. When it was all over, they went their separate ways, but now he’s learned their quest never really ended at all.

So Dikéogu, more powerful than ever, reunites with Ejii. He records this story as an audiofile, hoping it will help him keep his sanity or at least give him something to leave behind. Smart kid, but it won’t work—or will it?

I can tell you this: it won’t be like before. Our rainmaker and shadow speaker have changed. And after this, nothing will ever be the same again.

As they say, ‘Onye amaro ebe nmili si bido mabaya ama ama onye nyelu ya akwa oji welu ficha aru.’

Or, ‘If you do not remember where the rain started to beat you, you will not remember who gave you the towel with which to dry your body.’

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