Loud energy floods my surroundings. The antics of my peers – the inhibitions of one lower than the next – fuels my feeling of ecstasy. Adrenaline served in thinly chopped doses numbs my troubled mind. Minimised Depression. Minimised Anxieties. The midnight stars inject excitement into my veins. The cool air maintains the facade of control. The black sky reflects the tone of my thoughts.

A hint of orange seeps its way into the night sky. Bright moods and jovial cheers slowly transform into struggled phrases and lulled expressions. Exhaustive travels are discussed in hushed tones. No one dares to initiate the strenuous departure.

The abundance of snow that had coated the mountain peaks only moments ago now melts off with the beckoning dawn. Instead of a comforting warmth, the sun burns through my skin, igniting sins just passed.














Photo by Tomas Anunziata from Pexels