Photo sourced from Eloghosa Osunde’s Instagram.

Nigerian author Eloghosa Osunde wrote a poetic monologue for the launch of Victoria’s Secret World Tour, read by none other than the famous model Naomi Campbell. Watch Victoria’s Secret The Tour ’23 on Amazon Prime today!

The VS World Tour is presented as a feature length film and it will unite fashion, film, art and culture featuring dynamic global creatives, top supermodels, musical talent and more. This is part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to champion women’s voices, perspectives and experiences.

Watch the trailer below:

Just released today on Amazon Prime, the film will take audiences on a journey through the behind-the-scenes craft and intimate stories of the VS20 – a group of 20 innovative global creatives who will conceive four fashion curations from the vibrant cities of Bogota, Lagos, London and Tokyo.

Osunde was delighted with the opportunity to write a poetic monologue for the brand, read by Naomi Campbell. Read her Instagram caption below, where she explains all the details of her involvement:

Yesterday, a starstudded room full of about seven hundred plus people erupted in applause as my words were read by THE @naomi at @victoriassecret’s World Tour launch; and then introduced by @gigihadid. I wrote the monologue as one of my contributions to this project, knowing that it was about to change everything. And it already has.

As you will hear on September 26th when the feature is officially released on Amazon Prime, the full piece is about godhood, about worldmaking with bonechilling audacity and talking directly to one’s creator without fear. I wrote it from a deeply personal place, tracing my own journey with the God of my head as a maker in my own right, moving through this world.

Since we started work on this project about a year ago, it has flown me to Lagos, Abuja, Barcelona, New York. And there’s more loading.

I’ll say more & more & more when I can, but in the meantime, just know:

1. My God is beastly and serious AF about me in a way that is never coy. It pleases me greatly & my Maker delights in my delight.

2. Everything I do has purpose. The words I was born to write make actual worlds and overwrite whatever is outdated. Nothing can get in the way of this fact. It will happen one project at a time. It is inevitable.

& so am I.

I want to say a public & massive THANK YOU to @naomi again for trusting me completely throughout this process and never doubting or questioning the structure of what I built. And then for performing the piece with pure power. I’m truly truly honored. What an icon; what a time. There’s more to say & see about this, but that’s for later.

Thank you to @victoriassecret & @raulmartinez1024 for… well, for all of it.

Everything has changed… again.
Thank you to every single person celebrating this moment loudly & proudly with me. I see everything & I’ll never forget. To my love, for holding me down through the process & bringing me flowers. To my closest people for gathering me together. To everyone I worked with.

Finally, to my incredible cohort: the entire VS20 team, I remain entranced by your brilliance. Every door stays open from here on out.

Let’s fucking go!

Eloghosa Osunde is a Nigerian writer and visual artist, an alumna of the Farafina Creative Writing Workshop, the Caine Prize Workshop and the filmmaking and screenwriting programs at New York Film Academy. Her short stories have been longlisted for the 2017 Writivism Short Story Prize and published in Catapult, Guernica, Berlin Quarterly and The Paris Review. Her debut novel Vagabonds! was longlisted by Center for Fiction’s First Novel Prize and shortlisted for Waterstones Debut Fiction Prize,

Congrats to Osunde on this huge opportunity! Make sure to watch the VS World Tour film on Amazon Prime today to hear Osunde’s poem.

Check out her photos from the VS World Tour below:


All photos sourced from Eloghosa Osunde’s Instagram @eloosunde.