Sourced from Taiye Selasi’s Instagram.

Ghanaian-Nigerian writer and photographer Taiye Selasi recently share beautiful photos from her time in Morocco on Instagram (here and here). Along with the images, she included a heartfelt caption urging her followers to donate to Global Diversity Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund in the wake of the country’s recent earthquake.

The photos she posted are stunning and display the rich geography and diversity of Morocco. Kudos to  Selasi for amplifying the call for donations. If you would like to heed Selasi’s call and donate, go here. You can also find other ways to support here.

On September 8, a massive earthquake struck Marrakech and the High Atlas, the strongest to hit central Morocco in more than a century. Over 2,000 lives have been lost, and countless homes, shops and buildings have been destroyed. Displaced people in High Atlas communities need urgent assistance including clothing, food, shelter and water. Through this fundraiser, Global Diversity Foundation is providing immediate and long-term support to alleviate the suffering of these rural communities.

Selasi’s caption on Instagram commented on her ties with Morocco, specifically Marrakech, and all the life lessons she learned there:

My love affair with Marrakech began in 2019, when I found myself at a vipassana retreat outside of the city. Leaving the retreat I spotted @meryanneinspired through a taxi window–and within the year stood in the wonderland that is @jnanetamsna. A few months back the cheerful officer at passport control teased that I either liked Morocco or Moroccan men: It was my 10th trip in under 5 years.

The colour. The warmth. The North African cool. It’s the country with which I’m besotted. My heart broke at the news of the earthquake. Blessed that all of my beloved ones are safe. But entreating: If you can, please donate to @global_diversity’s Earthquake Relief Fund. Please

Selasi is best known for her novel Ghana Must Go (2013) and her children’s book Anansi and the Golden Pot (2022).

Check out some of the photos posted by Selasi below. Please donate to Morocco’s Earthquake Relief Fund here.