Within the realm of weddings, I find delight,
With celebrations grand, shouts and dances,
We embrace a union, indeed a joyous sight,
A glimpse of a remarkable life’s romance,
Yet in the depths of marriage, a different view,
A complex tapestry of emotions, old and new.

In matrimony, we often embark on,
Believing a spouse is all we truly need,
A partner, a helper, as the scriptures remark,
A cherished mate to hold and proudly lead.

For this is the tale we’ve long been told and sold,
Through wedding speeches and guidance sincere,
Society and church, their beliefs unfold,
As marriage’s sanctity becomes clear.

We walk away with butterfly lies convincing ourselves
That the long-term journey is a bed of roses we all ought to lie in,

But let us ponder on the deeper truth,
That marriage, a gift from the divine,
Is more than merely filling emotional voids,
It’s a path of patience and submission.

To sacrifice, protect, and ceaselessly pursue,
These are lessons oft-overlooked, it seems,
Perhaps we must strive for a fresher view,
To market marriage’s worth, beyond our dreams.












Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash