Gangan! Its sound sends shivers down the spine
A sensation coursing through your blood
Leaving you elated – ready to sway
Hips wiggling – headgear tossed away
Following every rhythm
With steps, arms and shoulders
Unconscious Joy it brings – making you bolder
And every part of your body must react
To the glorious tones that it does enact
It gives praises
It brings hope and a feeling of relevance
Gangan! The talking drum
That tells a tale
Only those who love
And adore it will merry in its speech
Even after it speaks
It never leaves a listener’s ear
It resides with them forever
With a tingling sensation
They hear the sound of gangan
Again and feel elated

Gangan! The voice of the gods
The most revered and respected
when the gangan calls – every soul jubilate
To the new development
That will beckon on them
It brings news – saworoide
However detriment it may be
It enlightens people
But restricted to the touch of everyone
Only those who are capable
Can reach out to it
For its mighty power
Can destroy and amend

It tells a tale
And gives caution
Those who yield – will find favor
And those who refuse its warning
Will face the wrath of the gods
Gangan chooses people at will
And discard those it deems fit
In Africa we drum for a purpose












Photo by Caleb Toranzo on Unsplash