British-Nigerian author Onyi Nwabineli’s second book now has a stunning cover and preorder link to accompany it. Get excited Brittle Paperians because Allow Me to Introduce Myself hits bookstores on May 28, 2024.

The book follows the life of a young girl who was raised in the spotlight by her influencer stepmother. The main character Anuri eventually overcomes her toxic family, reclaiming her identity. Nwabineli’s book was previously named Scrutiny, but looks like she changed the title to add a little more pizzazz.

The cover is an absolute work of art! Featuring a color palette of teal, orange, and hot pink, the cover shares the title of the novel in bold white colors while the upper half of the main character’s face peeks out from the bottom of the cover. Readers are drawn to her eyes which outlines the lower border of the cover as well as the colorful and breathtaking head wrap worn by the main character.

The cover definitely makes us yearn to learn more about Anuri and her past. According to the synopsis, ever since she was a child, Anuri’s life was chronicled and monetized by her influencer stepmother. Now an adult, she’s finally broken free. But when her stepmother starts preying on her young half sister, Anuri decides she must stop the cycle of abuse.

We cannot wait to add this book to our reading list for next year! Nwabineli shared her enthusiasm about the book cover with readers on X:

Onyi Nwabineli was born in Benin, Nigeria and grew up in Glasgow, the Isle of Man, and Newcastle. She now lives in London and her debut novel Someday, Maybe just came out last year. She is the cofounder of Surviving Out Loud, a fund that provides fiscal support for survivors of sexual assault, and the founder of Black Pens, a writing retreat for Black womxn.

Preorder Allow Me to Introduce Myself here.