We have some very exciting news to share! This year, our 100 Notable African Books of 2023 list was well-received and some bookstores decided to dedicate a section of their store to Brittle Paper‘s 2023 booklist.

We are thrilled that two bookstores – Soma Nami Books in Nairobi, Kenya and Transit Bookstore in Jakarta, Indonesia – have decided to stock the 2023 100 Notable African Books list.

This is no small feat since our booklist contains publishers across the Africa continent as well as the rest of the world. We are definitely grateful to Soma Nami and Transit for featuring our 2023 100 Notable Books list, since it took months of planning, reading, and difficult choices to come to fruition.

While Transit posted an Instagram story sharing the stocked section of their bookstore with Brittle Paper‘s recommendations, Soma Nami shared a video with us, which we shared with our followers on Instagram.


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A big thanks to Soma Nami and Transit for highlighting these amazing reads. Let’s continue to support African authors, publishers, and booksellers by buying African books!