Love, i have to tell you
i have added some weight
to my bio. Haven’t you
heard? The holy green of
the river Jordan slants
to murky red. Reddening
with the blood of Canaanite
children. They are calling
it, the Great Sacrifice
because God once wiped
out the earth like cleaning
a treasured blade smeared
with the blood of livestock
for his beloved Noah.
Because we all must stand
with God, the children
of the West have stood
with the truth— the virile
son of Canaan. O’ truth
is as a mother’s wrapper—
folded, layers upon layers.

My mother once told,
i only have one son.
Brother, if the earth is
predominantly water,
what then of the land
beneath the seas? Didn’t
the good Book also say,
darkness was upon the face
of the very great deep…
and God ‭‭said, let the waters
under the heavens be
collected into one place
and let the dry land appear?
O’ the truth is flesh
and bone that makes us.

A brother weeps
holding the cold and way
too heavy body of his
younger sister. This heavi
-ness is the cloud that covers
the face of the earth.
O’ my love for repetition—
this heaviness is the cloud
that covers the face of the earth.
Writing from my sister’s
home, darkness left and right,
i am reminded again, there is
heaviness everywhere. Water
is splitting families and
homes; children and
school; farmers and
lands across the edges
of Voltarian space. Now,
to save a life is, market.
One bed, one vote.
One sack of rice, one
vote. One tin of mackerel,
one vote. Good Lord,
this country stinks
like the mouths of some
men i/you know. These men
micro-kings, i call them—
micro-pricks, micro-IQs,
micro-lovers, micro-bodies
only the love of
Creatine could amp up.
With their micro-pricks
they berate the girl
for loving them less
than they do themselves.

Another girl-child goes
missing, and a debate
is borne— who knows better?
Today i am saying, all the men
in me are tired. All. Maybe
that should go in my bio.
Good Lord, what did i
even add to my bio?
This heaviness is enough
to bend will and memory.










Photo by Artem Ka on Unsplash