Nigerian author Olukorede S. Yishau is set to publish his second novel in 2024 titled After the End. The novel will explore the story of two women linked by a common tragedy and published by Masobe Books.

Yishau’s story is one of grief but at the same time, romance, betrayal, duplicity and denouement. Idera’s world crumbles when her husband, Demola, dies. As she battles with this reality, she is met with a shocking discovery. A woman appears at her door with a child in hand — Demola’s son. The love of her life, the man whom she felt could do no wrong by her and her children, had betrayed her.

This ultimate betrayal whisks Idera into a place of uncertainty, making her scrutinize everything she’s ever known to be true. But unbeknownst to her, even more tragedy and surprises await and she must fight to save herself and her children.

Through these women, Yishau depicts the ways people cope with grief, the paths to finding closure, and navigating a web of betrayal, racism, and motherhood while grappling with life’s complexities. Despite the grim aura of the story, Olukorede embellishes the narration with a charming, nostalgic romance.

After The End has been critically appraised by many well-known authors. Nigerian author Jumoke Verissimo called it a “humane and sympathetic narration of the frailty of human connections. Meanwhile, Nigerian actor and poet Jude Idada described the novel as a “riveting tale of love and hate that grips you from the very first line. A must read.”

Olukorede S. Yishau is a Nigerian creative writer and multiple award-winning journalist. His first novel In The Name of Our Father was nominated for the Nigerian Prize for Literature, Africa’s largest literary prize, in 2021. After The End is his fourth book and second novel. Yishau is the United States Bureau Chief for The Nation Newspapers. He lives in Houston, Texas.

Congrats to Yishau!