It’s that time of year again and Brittle Paper is here with our second volume of the Festive Anthology! Titled Table Setting: Recipes, Rituals & Resolutions, this years anthology celebrates the rituals we share around food in festive times.

Last year’s volume, HomeGrown Joy, was a festive mix of all the wonderful things that make up the holidays but this year, we wanted to do something a little more structured, and what’s more structured than the holiday table setting! Table Setting: Recipes, Rituals & Resolutions is all about the three iconic features of the holidays and the space where it usually all takes place. Table Setting looks at the family recipes we remember to ask for at the table after tasting a special dish, the timely rituals that we do for the sacred union in the way we’ve been taught, and it’s the resolutions we make in jest and in sincerity while we are still high in the spirit of the meal we just shared.

This year’s anthology includes poems, essays, fiction, and creative non-fiction from writers all over the continent, including Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, and Mali. Together with the help of our amazing writers, we have 21 pieces for you to enjoy, presented in three sections: Part I: Light the Stoves which includes amazing recipes, Part II: Set the Table that looks into some beautiful rituals and traditions, and Part III: Wish upon the Star which includes the resolutions we hope to meet.

We hope you enjoy our festive treat, and that it helps make the holiday season even more special!

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!


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