Nigerian-Belgian writer Angel Patricks Amegbe is set to publish her second novel titled No Pink in a Rainbow. Exploring a mother’s grief upon losing her unborn child, this heartrending novel is scheduled for release on August 19, 2024 through Masobe Books.

Amegbe’s sophomore novel is a raw and powerful tale about a mother’s journey through grief and is a definite tearjerker for the emotional reader. According to the synopsis, one day, a man in the Netherlands saw a beautiful woman’s picture on his Facebook page and sent her a message, despite his reservations. This simple act of courage  led to a connection between the engineer Jan and Naomi, an only child raised by her grandmother in Abuja.

As their unlikely connection grew and sparked into love, the narrative moves into the present. After overcoming a long-distance romance, visa struggles, and culture clashes, Jan and Naomi have everything they dreamed of – a happy, peaceful marriage, a lakeside home, and a much-anticipated child growing within Naomi. But there is no light without shadows. Naomi and Jan will have to fight to hold onto their love in the midst of grief.

Olukorede Yishau has aptly labeled the novel “an emotional roller-coaster”, while Bina Idonije remarked it will leave you reliving scenes in your head long after you have closed the last page. Idonije added, “Naomi’s story is a tapestry of strong themes: of grief and loss and love and Angel weaves it all together with such deftness, the story comes alive.”

Amegbe is a Nigerian-Belgian writer, performing poet, and visual storyteller. She is the author of The Days of Silence (2021) and Sundance, her debut poetry collection. Amegbe has worked with the Asmara Addis Literary Festival in Exile (AALFIE) Belgium, and facilitated a class at the Creative Writing Academy for Refugees and asylum seekers in Brussels. Her essays have appeared in AYO magazine and Afreada. She currently lives in Belgium with her family.

Congrats to Amegbe on the upcoming novel!