A cold metal bar stood sentry, its hard surface casting a chill shadow.
A frozen prison held no warmth, only darkness. The emptiness
as heavy as a leaden weight, the bleakness of the room
a downpour of despair. But I held on, not out of hope for freedom,
but for the belief that someday, light would return
The crowd jeered and scoffed, they call it madness, a fool’s errand
yet I shut my ears to their taunts as a mysterious song filled the air,
and I strained to listen, my head cocked to one side.
Trying to discern the source of the elusive melody
though I once basked in the warm glow of life,
now I am ensnared by the icy chains of fate.
My tongue forced to taste the other sweetness of life which I detest now.
They took my very soul, leaving me a hollow shell,
I grasped the icy metal with a white-knuckled grip,
staring intently, straining to hear the hidden message,
it emanates from a scandalous city where decaying souls are kept.
Whispering of the death; death of a soul that has been altered,
perished and long withered I paid attention again
as unknown fear enslaved me.
The melody coursing through my veins like a song from the abyss,
that would drag me down to the depths
I was trapped in a well of despair.
The dark waters rising around me, threatening to consume me.
I reached out to hold the steels in vain, grasping for the light above,
and shouted “Help me!!”
But my cries were like whispers, unheard and unheeded,
drowned in the deep well.








Photo by Ye Jinghan on Unsplash