A tiny seed was planted long ago,
A spark of inspiration in the flow.
A poet’s mind began to form and grow,
The birth of poetry, a story to show.
Words spilled forth from pen and paper,
A new creation to savor and savor.
Each verse a piece of the poet’s heart,
Each line a gift to impart.
The birth of poetry, a beauty to behold,
A story of life, to have and to hold.

The poet’s pen danced across the page,
Creating worlds of wonder and sage.
Characters sprung to life with grace,
A story to unfold at every pace.
The words flowed like a river’s stream,
A journey through a poet’s dream.
The birth of poetry, a gift to share,
A tale to tell with love and care.
As the poet’s story came to a close,
The words lingered like a summer’s rose.
A legacy born from a tiny seed,
The birth of poetry, a legacy to breed.

And so the story came to an end,
But the poet’s legacy would transcend.
For the words would live on and on,
The birth of poetry, a legacy to spawn.
The poet’s gift would touch the hearts,
Of those who read and take their part.
A legacy born from a single seed,
A birth of poetry, for all to heed.
And so the poet’s tale was told,
A legacy to unfold, forever to hold.











Photo by cocarinne from Pexels