Michigan Quarterly Review‘s latest issue is the African Writing Issue and it features a star-studded cast of writers from all over Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Togo, South Africa, Kenya, Libya, Zambia, and more. See if you can spot some familiar names below!

Founded in 1962, Michigan Quarterly Review is the University of Michigan’s flagship literary journal, publishing each season a collection of essays, interviews, memoirs, fiction, poetry, and book reviews.

Guest edited by Nigerian author Chris Abani, the Spring 2024 special issue is titled “African Writing: A Partial Cartography of Provocations”. The cover is absolutely stunning and depicts a Black woman with an illustration of a dancing figure in her hair.

This latest issue features poetry by Kwame Dawes, Saddiq Dzukogi, Dalia Elhassan, Omotara James, and Matthew Shenoda; nonfiction by Faith Adiele, Chiké Frankie Edozien, and Emelda Nyaradzai Gwitimah; fiction by Heran Abate, Leye Adenle, and Chika Unigwe; newly translated work by Fairuz al-Okley, Nana Asma’u, Patron Henekou, Tom Olali, Amira-Géhanne Khalfallah, Amal Sewtohul; cover art by Victor Ehikhamenor; and much more!

We are thrilled with the extensive representation of African writing in Michigan Quarterly Review’s newest issue. Check out the full table of contents below:


  • .CHISARAOKWU. | Mmiri; Mmiri II; Wade; Mmiri III; from Liminal Spaces, 2023
  • Fairuz al-Okley, trans. Khaled Mattawa | My Whole Life Is Wrapped around My Waist
  • Afua Ansong | Armor of Light; Light in Exile; [Stay Alone with the Body]
  • Nana Asma’u, trans. Mary-Alice Daniel | Begging for Rain; Certain Truth
  • Ìfẹ́olúwa Àyàndélé | The Fog is the Ghost of My Grandfather
  • Kwame Dawes | Walk ‘Bout; Stations of My Cross 1
  • Saddiq Dzukogi | Bakandamiya XI.; Bakandamiya IX.; Bakandamiya
  • Dalia Elhassan | On Sudan National TV, A Woman Appears in Darfur; The Khartoum School
  • Rasaq Malik Gbolahan | Rest in Peace, Beloveds (II)
  • Isra Hassan | Archetype: The Scapegoat
  • Patron Henekou, trans. Patron Henekou and Connie Voisine | The Alphabet, A Poem for a Child in a Painting, Lincoln at the End of the Runway
  • Omotara James | My Mother Is Already Mourning the First Black Person to Be Lynched in Space; Erasure in Tongues
  • Gabriel Awuah Mainoo | Reclamation; The Season & The Throat
  • Hana Meron | Abugidarian in Addis Ababa; Wax & Gold
  • Elizabeth Mudenyo | Mom Makes Time
  • Migwi Mwangi | Echoes of Sula in a Moi Avenue Salon; In Search of Wa Muthoni’s Garden
  • Sharon Neema | Here (1º 00′ N and 38º 00′ E)
  • Tolu Ogunlesi | Skymachine; Scenes: Go-Slow, Kara Bridge, Saturday Afternoon
  • Georgio Russell | Immigrana
  • Shahilla Shariff | Aria; Exile; Homecoming
  • Matthew Shenoda | Capitalism’s Migration
  • Jasmine Tabor | Black Things, A Series


  • Heran Abate | Hager Fikir | ሐገር ፍቅር
  • Leye Adenle | The House of Oluawo
  • Amira-Géhanne Khalfallah, trans. Amira-Géhanne Khalfallah and Jennifer Grotz | The Last Voyage of Ibn Battûta
  • Tom Olali, trans. Richard Prins | The People of Gehenna
  • Amal Sewtohul, trans. Nadiyah Abdullatif and Thomas Feige | Service to Mauritius
  • Chika Unigwe | Miracle in Lagos Traffic


  • Faith Adiele | BEGIN. AGAIN.
  • Chiké Frankie Edozien | Side Pieces
  • C. A. Ekhelar | Anecdotes on the Use of Cable-Knit Sweaters for Resurrection
  • Emelda Nyaradzai Gwitimah | My Hairdresser Is Dead
  • Glen Retief | Ghost Fish
  • Mwanabibi Sikamo | Let Them Eat Kandolo
  • Jérôme Tubiana and Damien Roudeau | For All the Gold in the Sahara

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