the sun kissed innocent smiles
and confused bird’s chatter
our laughter a cooling breeze
trickling through our coiled crowns

marigold flowers dotted a path
and beckoned us
to the edge of a slow river
its surface begging to be broken

we stepped into a world made for us
glass coloured fish swam at our feet
over skin shade stones mirroring
our laughter in a call and response

we did what we did best
collected our refracting smiles
and throbbing chests
to daydream of escapism

our footsteps echoed
in vibrant favelas
brimming with feathery prisms
and dizzying hips

our hands clasped
disgruntled zemidjan-men
drenched in petrol scented sweat
and red dust

we were willingly lost
in forests drizzling
with grenadine syrup
and spiced doves
and palm wine
and baobab tombs
and ashen temples

love our tribute on nature’s altars

we did what we did best
in fleeting moments

and reality returned karmic
and the favelas roared
and the zemidjan-men rustled
and the spiced doves swarmed
and the altars demanded more

and we found ourselves
trembling in a broken river

left to remember
how nature was the only thing left
fighting for us