Dear UN Secretary-General,

In the heart of Africa, where my body and soul reside,
I pen this heartfelt epistle, where emotions collide.
Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi, an echo from afar—
Questing for your attention, a guiding star.

Battle the burdens we bravely bear, like mountains that loom tall;
Yet within reach, a fire burns, a fervent, unwavering call.
From the heart of Africa’s lands, dreams sprout like seeds in rain,
Nurtured by hope’s enduring love, they bloom through joy and pain.
Let hope be not a fleeting gust, but winds that gently guide,
Navigating the darkest storms, to the other side.

Tackle the trials we bear, in poverty’s firm grasp,
With education’s torch, young minds shall not be clasp’d.
Let healthcare touch the land, where hope and healing stand;
In unity, we’ll forge ahead, dignity our guiding hand.

Let compassion be the compass, navigating every shore,
In unity, we rise as one, our spirits to restore.
From deserts vast to fertile plains, the echoes reach your heart;
Let unity be the anthem sung, a global work of art.
In unity, we’ll build the bridge, spanning the great divide,
Healing scars of history, where justice was denied.

Dear UN Secretary-General, we stand united now,
Shaping Africa where hope takes flight, like birds upon the bough.
Championing Africa’s cause, courage as your creed,
Together sowing seeds of change, for every soul in need.

Embrace hope’s mighty force, like rays that kiss the morn,
Compelling currents propel us, darkest nights are shorn.
Hope dances, not a fleeting dream, but a strength within,
An ember effulgent, a fire untamed, where possibilities begin.
Focus on sustainability, for Earth and all its creatures,
Empowering each and every being,
Earth’s beacon-bearers, our teachers.

Yours faithfully,
Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi.