a political ambition begins with you knowing  how to
promise free and fair elections that you will rig        how to stage a coup—

to assassinate a president     and announce his death on the radio
curfew lives       suspend a constitution
proclaim a new government—           all-military men
identifying yourself as the people’s redemption council

denounce the toppled government        for its rampant corruption
thirteen knot-tied      and shot dead on a monrovia’s beach
americo-liberian blood         teaching the scorched sand the difference
between blood and sweat—        as onlookers  chant unto your name

“native woman born soldier
congo woman born rogue”

know how to set up a rebel group outside Liberia—
you’ll invade it                through the opened mouth of buutuo 

recruit children            call them small boys unit

recruit young girls     call them rebels’ wives

rape    kill and   cut off the hands they used to vote

know how to breakaway from political parties and how to go back to them
you’re ordained by God to rescue this country—

every political ambition begins with the death of a president
video record his torture  budweiser                  tango tango 

you’re their savior
“you’ll kill their ma       you’ll kill their pa         they’ll vote for you”

every political ambition is backed with songs
in the thirst of starving youths’ throats

exhausted from carrying the sun in their heads

and rainbow plastic files rating up unemployment

nobody would give a damn
just know how to get married outside of the country—somewhere in paris
send your stolen money and children to europe   and   the united states 

this poem would land me in jail before you even get caught










Photo by Kind and Curious on Unsplash