At night, dreams get aborted,
Feasted upon and tossed halfway like a rotten apple
Forcefully flushed down the drain to waste

Each day stuck with life, abandoned dreams,
Wiped out smiles, clogged memories
Can’t remember when we last had a good laugh
At night, we lost our will to dream again
We lost them when our back hit the bed,
A feeling we long for like a baby would for his mother’s bosom

At night, we hear our mothers plead
Strength and success on our behalf to the heavens
Yet our eyes heavy, our mouth can’t say ‘amen’
Spending 12 hours of your day, stealing glances at
The clock like it was a pretty lady from afar,
Isn’t a good way to live life.
This wasn’t how I wanted to live my life

What happened to the light that beamed on our faces,
When we each pour out our perfect plans?
Seems it only made sense in our deluded minds
Now each to his own
Dreams gone, friends deserted, money isn’t made
Even time isn’t a luxury the poor can boast to afford
At night, there isn’t enough time to dream
We just prepare for the next day and take a nap

It’s dawn, yet joy isn’t forthcoming,
Night flying fast as wind isn’t enough time to weep
At night, there is poetry in the quiet darkness
When it’s just you and your intrusive thoughts
When you can curse, groan, and cry like a tired adult
When you can be naked and not feel insecure of your
Poorly nourished and feeble body waiting to drop
When I can write to tell you my story isn’t finished.











Photo by Nazym Jumadilova on Unsplash