To us the mediocres, the hustlers,
The ambitious paupers and dreamers.
To us the prodigies, embattled with the belligerent realities of the world.
To us the victimised, oppressed and downtrodden.
Someday, our anthers shall bloom and our flowers blossom,
Defying the odds of life’s gloom.

Our strife, sweat and sinew,
Shall not be spent on futile cause.
The sun shall shine on our gloomy days,
Its bright rays lightening up our forlorn faces,
And illuminating our paths.
Our ordeals, fears and woes,
Shall someday be allayed,
And our tempest calmed.

Stay your course, young dreamer,
For this feeble steps of ours,
Shall become sturdy.
The universe shall someday smile on us,
Showering its predilection upon our cause.
The universe is ours,
And we shall rule it,
God be on our side.











Photo by Raphael Nast on Unsplash