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Holy Sex is out!

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I am delighted to announce the forthcoming release of Holy Sex, a wild romp of a novella about a Nigerian pastor’s erotic exploits.

In May of 2015, I posted the first of six stories in a story series by the same name. After nearly a 100,000 hits, the story is taking on a new life as a published book that I hope will continue to delight readers.

Holy Sex is a frisky account of pastor Samuel’s erotic encounters with women in his church. Pastor Samuel is the head pastor at Saving Grace, Inc. a new generation Pentecostal church in Lagos. He is a charming and charismatic fellow blessed with the silver-tongue of a cunning salesman. As we all know, African cities are swarming with miracle-working pastors doing miraculously erotic things on their off-days. Obinna Udenwe simply presents a faithful, humorous, and sometimes sad, account of these exploits.

Udenwe is a favorite in the African literary community. His conspiracy crime thriller titled Satans and Shaitans came out last year and set a new bar for Nigerian crime fiction. Udenwe knows how to do pop-fiction like no one else, and, with Holy Sex, he offers a new kind of literary entertainment called “church erotica.” He takes us behind the scenes and shows us the dark, underbelly of religious communities built around powerful Men of God.

Holy Sex is a playful, fluffy ball of fun. The gossipy, conversational tenor of the writing is a refreshing deviation from the serious tone of classic African fiction. Reading Holy Sex is like hanging out with a die-hard gossip in a dark corner of a bar and getting an earful of everyone’s nasty secrets.

This is all so exciting. Thanks to the thousand of readers who supported the online version of the story. We have been working on this release for the past few months. From editing to the cover design, it has taken a small circle of super-talented individuals to make this happen. I can’t tell you how happy I am that this series is transitioning from such humble beginnings as an online story series to an actual book.

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