Happy Sixth! (2)

On August 1, 2010, I published the first ever blogpost on Brittle Paper. It’s been six years of writing, six years of drumming up global interest in African literature within a digital and social media space, six year of amazing conversations (and drama) about books and ideas—six years of pure magic.

There is no way in the world Brittle Paper could have come this far without the amazing community of readers and writers behind it. My dear Brittlers, thank you for being the best readers any blogger could ever wish for. Everyday, you visit. Everyday, you read, like, and share posts. You recommend the blog to your friends. All this you do because you believe as militantly as I do in the idea of African literature. Your commitment is paying off because Brittle Paper is growing exponentially and gaining recognition.

To celebrate the anniversary and to say a proper thank you, I am dedicating the whole month of July to fun contests and giveaways. You also have a chance to win a 100 dollars by participating in the I ❤️ African Literature writing contest.

Note: all the giveaways will take place on Twitter, so follow us at @brittlepaper.

Click HERE for the details about the writing contest.




Post image adapted from a photography by cyclonebill via Flickr.