Mask of a twins or a couple, De Young Museum, San Francisco. Photo credit: Wonderlane. Source: Flickr.

– As for life turning out to be

all what no one ever wanted it to,

how we

surely confuse existence with, say,

finding the meaning of life – an object

around which everything gathers & ungathers

like a crowd, or how

a major god searches for Heaven in the body

of another, as for how that happens –

when we approach one more end, which would

be the start of the other beginning, & the

committee converges around our pure God

to write the third testament in a single

dimension – what then? Perhaps there


would be a season finale, one final end

that would be the end of all ends, perhaps.

Would God die? – as when the lights go out &

silence becomes the sound of the begin-

ning of the world, which is what was before the word LET,

which is what comes after

the end – what then?




Stanley Princewill McDaniels is a Nigerian poet & an Ebedi Residency Fellow. His poetry (& maybe a story) has appeared on Kalahari Review, Lunaris Review, Brittle Paper, Tuck Magazine, Praxis Magazine, Bakwa Magazine, & elsewhere. His poetry chapbook Entrapment is available for download on Praxis.