Author of She Would Be King Wayétu Moore is pregnant. The 34-year-old novelist revealed the news on Instagram in a caption written in her signature dreamy, magical style of writing.

In the year the sky changed its color I have been looking down, spending my days wondering who you will be. After the thousands of lives I have lived, I try to picture which one of my true loves is returning to me. The kindest, I am sure, because that’s all you have been to me, to my body, as if you come knowing. Were we once friends in heaven, were we sisters interstellar, are you the one who promised that our souls would meet again? Safe journey, dear. Soon.

The news of the pregnancy comes months after the publication of her memoir The Dragon, The Giant, the Women. As her die-hard fans would know, Moore doesn’t just write adult fiction. She is also a children’s book writer, having published 6 children’s books. What a lucky kiddo! To be born to a mother who is an amazing storyteller!

Brittle Paper congratulates Moore on her Pregnancy.