South African poet Koleka Putuma celebrated the publication of her second poetry collection Hullo, Bu-Bye, Koko with a launch party held at The Grand Daddy Hotel Rooftop in Cape Town.

Due to COVID restrictions, only 60 tickets were sold. It was a sold-out event. For those who are not familiar with Putuma’s work, she shot to literary success with her first collection titled Collective Amnesia, currently on its 12th print run. Readers are hoping for a similar success with this new collection, which “tackles the legacies of black femme erasure from society as well as in the arts.”

Putuma shared these photos from the launch part on Instagram with the caption:

“Thank you for coming to toast to the arrival of Hullo, Bu-Bye, Koko, Come In — last night. Your presence, your affirmations, your love, your support lift me higher and higher (always!)”. Photos by @iskeemsemicimbi. BUY Hullo, Bu-Bye, Koko: Amazon