Award-winning poet Koleka Putuma recently shared a picture of a manuscript-in-progress on Twitter. It seems that the book will be arriving in April this year.

A press announcement from July 2020 by uHlanga, the original publisher of Putuma’s groundbreaking Collective Amnesia, describes Putuma’s second book as a collection “showcasing a maturation of style and optics, while tackling the legacies of black femme erasure from arts and society.”

However, in a press announcement dated October 2020, uHlanga announced that they will no longer be publishing the book, since Putuma has requested sole ownership of all her intellectual property under her new media company, Manyano Media (Pty) Ltd.. The company is described on Putuma’s website as “a multidisciplinary creative company that produces and champions the work and stories of black queer artists and queer life.”

“This is a decision made by mutual consent and without animosity,” uHlanga affirms.

Congratulations on the new book and the company, Koleka! We’re looking forward to more news.