Bernardine Evaristo has had a string of amazing announcements over the past few months, but the good news just keeps coming! Evaristo has a book coming out of Tate Museum’s new series of short books titled Look Again. The series aims to expand conversations about British art.

The Tate Museum is a celebrated institution that houses a large collection of British art going back centuries. Evaristo’s 64-page book titled Feminism explores gender in relation to the artworks in the Tate’s collection, encouraging audiences to consider a new perspective or the art.

Evaristo commented to The Bookseller on her upcoming work with the art giant and why she chose to focus on feminism.

When I was invited to write this book, my first time writing about art, I immediately knew that I would turn my attention on women and womxn of colour in British art, because similar to the story throughout the arts, either as creator or curator, we haven’t been very visible. This book is personal—about the art I’ve seen, and the art I’ve loved—any my interpretation of the art in the national collection and beyond, and from an intersectional feminist perspective.

The series will be organized by senior editor Alice Chasey who is “looking forward to growing this series and to giving a voice to different perspectives as we look again at Tate’s collection of British art.”

Congratulations to Evaristo! For more information and to purchase the book, check out the Tate’s online shop here.