The Pan-African arts and literature collective Jalada Africa is accepting submissions for its 10th anthology on the theme of “Resistance.”

The collective, which was set up in 2013, is home to a variety of brilliantly anchored projects, including a groundbreaking publication of a short story by Ngugi wa Thiong’o in 33 languages. Over the years, they have published a dozen anthologies exploring a variety of themes. (You can access them here.)

The new anthology invites writers to re-define dissidence in diverse contexts. They envision the theme Resistance as “encompassing political, cultural and social opposition, from personal acts of dissidence to large-scale protests echoing across the world.”

Read an excerpt from their press release below:

Resistance is a call to arms, a cry for change, an acknowledgement of the injustices that exist and the anthem of the oppressed. It is the quiet moments, witnessing, raising our voices, amplifying those who have been silenced. It is defiance and truth-telling, existing in spaces that were never meant for us. It is a whisper that dances between the trees, a devastating wind that transforms a community into a movement. It is found in refusing the language of the oppressors, creating and re-creating our own narratives, taking control of our songs and stories. It is joyful solidarity, tactics of care and empathy woven through with grief and struggle. It is us, yearning, mourning, transforming and building a new world.”

Submission Deadline: April 18th, 2022.

You can also become a part of the conversation by participating in “Resistance Online” which welcomes responses to the question of resistance as short poems, flash fiction and musings presented as (or alongside) original GIFs, memes, photos and videos. Participants are encouraged to tag Jalada Africa on all social media handles to keep them informed.

Go here for more submissions details.