Made to be woman, but displaced my right to womanhood.
A day’s event to afflict years of pain.
To heave a culture I stare at with disdain.

Made to be beautiful, but breed ugliness against my strength.
A day’s event for much pleasures to be lost.
To heave a tradition feigning fealty and weak resilience.

Made to be brave, but hold my hands down on power.
A day’s event to bleed sweat and pain.
To heave scars never to be erased.

Tears trickle down my feet for an unborn generation.
As I watch you cut deep into my flesh and tissue.
Screaming at the top of my voice.
Only to whisper a sigh and pierce a stare into my eyes.
Carefully working hatred against my body.

You are woman just like me.
So please be human just like me.
Show some empathy.
Not for your unfounded culture or tradition.
But for your heritage,

Let me live for who I am made to be.
Without fear and pain.
Without a knife and blade.
Cutting through my skin.
Piercing deep into my marrow.
But with sweet lullaby and your tender touch
Never to be forgotten.

I choose to be woman having a voice.
I choose to be beautiful enjoying love.
I choose to be brave having my right.
Please don’t take these from me.
Let me have a voice
Show me love.
And a right to live




Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash