Nigerian-American author Alexandrine Ogundimu signs a “nice deal” for her debut novel The Longest Summer. It is set for publication in June 2023 by Clash, “an independent literary press focusing on fiction, non-fiction, poetry, & art that blends & challenges genre expectations.” 

The Longest Summer tells the story of a “half-Nigerian party boy [who] navigates a bisexual love triangle and is the primary suspect of a $10,000 cash theft in a decaying Indiana city.” Listen to an excerpt here.

Ogundimu was born in Indiana in the US and currently lives in Chicago. She is a busy writer. Her novella, titled Zeke, was published in February and is available for download here. It has been described as “an autofiction feeling story that becomes a serial killer revenge plot while developing a nuanced queer teenage love story on the side that quickly gets moving into a Bonnie and Clyde/Thelma and Louise type story.” She is also the editor-in-chief of Filth, a fierce online journal with a lean towards queer transgressive pieces. Check out more of her work here.

Congrats to Odundimu!

Stay tuned for more details.