Nigerian sci-fi author Dare Segun Falowo has a new collection of short stories coming out. The book, Caged Ocean Dub, will be published in July 2023 by Android Press.

Falowo is a writer of the macabre and the “Nigerian weird.” You can find their work published in Tor, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and The Dark Magazine. You can read one of Falowo’s earlier stories published on Brittle Paper here: How to Lose the Girl.

Caged Ocean Dub contains short stories of a variety of genres: “body horror, dream vignettes, and weird transmigrations into deep space.” African Literary Agency describes the unique collection, highlighting some of the elements that make Falowo’s work so distinctive.

There are dragons in Lagos and witches who wear their sons’ skins, while a cabal of otherworldly beings are collecting intelligent life forms in the depths of the universe.

This collection features some of Falowo’s most notable previously published stories alongside new tales of magic and terror. “Inspired by real events and/or emotional states and fuelled by a love of indigenous cosmologies and pop culture symbolism, they were written in various caged spaces, where the pulse and ambient sounds of the world outside, became after a while, like arrhythmic waves crashing on the shores of my listening.”

Android Press is a specialized publishing press that works with authors publishing “science fiction, fantasy, and light horror specializing in the various punk subgenres.” We covered another forthcoming anthology published by the press earlier this year by the Voodoonauts. Android Press announced the forthcoming title on Twitter earlier this month.

Congrats to Falowo! We look forward to diving into the Nigerian weird in this new collection.