Shirlene Obuobi’s new book titled Exposure will be published in summer 2024 by Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Publisher’s Marketplace describes the book as “exploring love and the disconnect between how people want to be perceived and how they feel inside.” The rights were sold by Obuobi’s agent Jessica Regel at Helm Literary to Lucia Macro at Avon, in an exclusive submission.

See the full synopsis below:

A 30-year-old doctor-influencer, who has it all online, but offline she’s burned out professionally, struggling to manage her depression, and has just discovered her best friend is dating her nemesis; then she falls in love, but will she be able to reveal her true authentic self to this man?

Obuobi is a Ghanaian-American doctor, cartoonist and author. She grew up in the United States and currently lives in Chicago, where she is completing her cardiology fellowship. A multi-talented individual, Obuobi published her first novel On Rotation in June 2022 and it has been named as one of Teen Vogue’s “25 Books by Black Authors They Can’t Wait To Read This Year.” She is also a gifted artist and illustrator. You can find her comics on her Instagram page @shirlywhirlmd.

Obuobi’s debut novel On Rotation draws on her personal experience as a Ghanaian-American physician who was once a medical student. In an interview, Obuobi stated the importance of writing from real life experience, “I realized that the books I loved the most were those where the characters felt real enough to know.”

Her new work Exposure also features a tie to her personal life as a doctor, writer, and online figure. We cannot wait to explore more of Obuobi’s literary prowess and unique experiences being a doctor, artist, and author simultaneously.

Congrats to Shirlene Obuobi on the new publication!