Bring down the hijab between your
thighs, let me breathe life into you.
There are seeds of ecstasy in my
tongue, & your nipple is a fertile land.
I drown a finger into your blackhole
& make you taste the depth of your
Eden. Don’t you see? I am heaven
in flesh & blood. Fuck the sugar
of love, come, beloved, perceive
the aroma of this lust & tell me if
your body doesn’t desire to melt
in my embrace like a theist’s heart
yearns for the mercy of Allah. Blind-
fold your eyes & climb onto me, I
crave to show you how the death
of orgasm brings you back to life. I
thirst to hear you mutter my name
as the shahada while you fall into
the grave of your cum. If not for
anything, fall into my bed for the
weight of this country—let’s
craft a poem about two horny
grieving sinners trying to find
solace in the map of their bodies.











Photo by Johnathan Kaufman on Unsplash