The 2024 Akada Children’s Book Festival (ACBF) has just gotten a new editorial board consisting of eight remarkable volunteers. This fantastic group will take this year’s festival to new heights!

The ACBF is a showcase of literary work for young readers. It is the first and largest book festival specifically for children in Nigeria. Participants at the festival range from toddlers to teens who attend on their own, or with their family; reading group or school. They come primarily to discover new books and to have a fun day out with fellow book lovers.

Akada shared with us that they are thrilled to welcome yet another set of distinguished bibliophiles to be on the Editorial Board for the Akada Children’s Book Festival (ACBF).

The Editorial Board is an annually-formed, volunteer group that has the important task of selecting the books that are to be shortlisted for feature at the ACBF. The Editorial Board helps to determine the books that best align with the objectives of this literary festival: inspire a love of reading, foster the culture of reading aloud together, encourage budding learners to keep on reading, and support the habit of reading to discover information.

The amazing individuals chosen to select submitted books and curate a shortlist for this year’s festival are:

  • Blessing Okwuofu, also known as The Reading Mom. She absolutely loves to read – she read 215 books in 2019, 291 in 2020 & 2021 and 272 books in 2022 and 2023.
  • Deborah Lucky-Deekor is an intuitive and analytical lawyer with over 13 years post call experience. She is a children’s’ Wellbeing Contributor and author of the book Motherhood: A Double-Edged Sword.
  • Dr Taiwo Conde has been teaching the English Language for over 15 years, to Primary, Secondary and Post-secondary students in Nigeria.
  • Inetina Ebitonmor is the founder of Yellow Table Talk. She also manages @kidsbooksreviewng, an Instagram platform that showcases children reading and reviewing books.
  • Obioma Maduekeh popularly known as #ProfObioma, is a God-fearing 9-year-old prolific reader, presenter, and storyteller.
  • Olohimai Okaisabor, owner of Chapters Books, Nigeria, is a fervent advocate for children’s literacy and education.
  • Segun Adeniran is the former Editorial Board Chairman of Punch Newspaper.
  • Tony Olaniji is an accomplished author, a book coach, writing instructor, an award-winning screenwriter and a filmmaker.

Akada remarked to us that the Editorial Board, with their passion for children’s literature, play a vital role in curating a selection of books:

We’re excited to see the fresh perspectives and ideas they’ll bring to the festival, from book recommendations to engaging book commentary that will make the festival an enriching experience for our young attendees, their parents and their teachers.

To get your book featured at the upcoming Akada Children’s Book Festival, send it to the address: 34b, Awori Street, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos. eBooks can be submitted to: [email protected].

Deadline: July 1, 2024

Books sent in for consideration will be read by the eight-person Editorial Board. The Board will then shortlist the books assessed to be the best fit for the year’s theme and the festival’s objectives. The basis of the selection includes but is not limited to interesting storyline, attractiveness to young readers, relevance to the target audience, good grammar, professional production, and personal preference. Books selected to be featured at the festival will be announced on August 30, 2024.

Congrats to the Akada team. We are excited about this year’s talented editorial board!