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The River-Ocean-Sea Is an Artist | Abigail George | Fiction


  The steak knives were missing. Is there any value in that truth? Give me a little earth. A place in the sun.  A bowl of shelled, salted and roasted peanuts. Let me have a piece of the supernatural universal in my hands. Give me something to grow in the chilled earth that was once […]

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Fever Dream | Xolani Mahe | Fiction

  For Vista & Unathi Slasha   When the Pastor was killed, people got sick. We are chilling at his house, when Chief tells me about this. It’s not the first time he has told me this story, he whines. Often, I’d doze off or transmute into unimaginable horizons, he jeers. Calmly sleepwalker-like, we traverse […]

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Won’t You Sing Me a Song | Ani Kayode Somtochukwu | Fiction

  Content Warning: This story contains depictions of anti-gay violence.   Please just let me die, being alive hurts too much. —KESHA, PRAYING   Justice was already seated at a table when you arrived at the eatery. You would forever remember his name. Justice. His eyes seemed to smile when they meet yours, they seemed […]

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Diary of a Lost Child | Okeke Onyedika | Poetry

  Before I run deep into this hole, I read stories of fathers that left home without returning And waited; When my body will be beautiful enough to lure artists closer to my breast, When my voice will be fruitful enough to attract the attention of neighbouring farmers To write about a city where children […]

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the confabulation: a prayer for the union | Bolaji Akintola | Poetry

  our dead is dead the warrant of death the debt the deficits but our dead is lazarus the wounds & the lacerations yet it breathes the apostles say it pulsates but the practitioners call the hearse it resurrects again they say the wood-smoke & the spirit are synonymous the sepia cloud the ultramarine evening […]

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Everything White Tastes Like Milk | Bryan Joe Okwesili | Fiction

  I know you grew up on the streets, that you feel the streets made you, that you are now the streets, maybe just a human version. I know that when you were younger, death led your parents along and your relatives rejected you saying you were bad omen, that whenever you passed something gets […]

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On love XXVIII | Salimah Valiani | Poetry

  Note: Publication of this submission, a tribute to Winnie Mandela, is timed to coincide with International Women’s Day on the 8th of March.   How many ways can a heart be broken? (1)   departure finality staggering beauty betrayal rejection being barred from continuing to make History Mama Winnie your death (like your life) […]

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Sonnets for the Person I Was Last Night | Akpa Arinzechukwu | Poetry

  Sonnet III after Kazim Ali The family inside at the dinner table is no longer mine. It’s been three years since I opened that door & lost a tooth. Everyone ate silence; mum avoided looking at my lips – Our hands on the cold glass minutes before thunder quivered. I am in the news […]

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Win Copies of Marlon James’ Black Leopard, Red Wolf in Narrative Landscape Press’ Ongoing Competition

marlon james - Black leopard, red wolf

Narrative Landscape Press, the Nigerian publishers of Marlon James’ Black Leopard, Red Wolf, recently announced a competition which will see successful […]

Rania Mamoun’s Short Story Collection, Thirteen Months of Sunrise, Forthcoming from Comma Press, Is a Complex, Moving Illumination of Contemporary Sudan

rania mamoun (2)

Manchester-based independent publisher Comma Press will be releasing the Sudanese writer Rania Mamoun’s short story collection Thirteen Months of Sunrise. […]

2031 | Y’I Oche | Fiction

Highway 1200 x 630

  “It’s becoming too dangerous,” Laila said with a pardonable expression of fear. For a minute she sat stone silent, […]

Enter for the 2019 AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition, with a Writing Prompt from Chigozie Obioma’s An Orchestra of Minorities

afreada-obioma graph

With the 2019 Africa Writes Festival coming in July, AFREADA magazine has announced its third annual contest in partnership with […]

Nozizwe Cynthia Jele, Nthikeng Mohlele, Imraan Coovadia Lead Diverse Longlist for Sunday Times’ Barry Ronge Fiction Prize

cynthia jele, nthikeng mohlele

Sunday Times newspaper has announced the longlists for the Alan Paton Award and the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize. Founded in […]

Submit to the $12,000 Graywolf Press Africa Prize for Novel Manuscripts, Judged by A. Igoni Barrett

igoni a. barrett

The 2019 Graywolf Press Africa Prize is now open to submissions. The award, launched in 2017 by the publishing house […]

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