With the flow of the river, His hand envelops me
Unexpected and unpredictable, like life itself
Yet, He promised that He would never leave me.
On the uphill climb of life, my own limbs fail,
And when I fall, the rock shatters that which is flesh
His Perfect Light shone through the shutters of sin;
Only a Potter can reshape broken clay and bring life from death.
In the Master Potter’s hand, I became resplendently renew
Like a rainbow of buttercup blooms lit up in His Holy Fire.
A meadow of sweet honeysuckle nestled in between the timeless green towers
A chandelier of willow billowing in the fields.
The Enemy is far gone and yet still to come.
During restful nights, while I toss and turn
He calls me to beseech Him, to proclaim Him,
And I implore Him to bring Life to His Word.
And when the day breaks, I know the golden glow of peace, hope, and Love.













Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash