When I lost my way in the forest
I saw the clouds high on a mountain
I heard the pouring water of a fountain
But I couldn’t tell the west from the east

Forked and misty was the road
For a man who carried a heavy load
And the night its darkness was spreading
And no visible way was left for treading

When a deer appears beside the lake
Lighting every step to him I take
Looking directly to my eyes
And in his eye my image lies

He didn’t speak to me nor could I
For I was taken by his majestic appearance
And I was lost and lost more ever since
To be near him was all that I wanted and by—

The deer jumped and caught my thought
And by a swift move he left the light spot
And started walking his way through the trees
And I — I followed him, I followed the breeze

I’m so taken by the moves of that deer
That beauty, that beauty I cannot bear
I’m so swallowed Ah! It must be fate
I’m fading away, it—it—it is too late












Photo by Karolina Wv from Pexels