Image from Reddit.

April 26 was Lesbian Visibility Day, and to mark it, BBC Pidgin released a video with the Nigerian activist Pamela Adie, in which she talks about self-discovery, family, and “the most elevating, free, real time” of her life.

Here is a transcript.

I have had relationships with women before. I never really considered myself lesbian. I thought getting married would help me to become “straight.”

I came out to myself in 2011. I told my dad: I’m not attracted to men. And he said, “Are you attracted to women?” and I was like, “Yes.” And then, next thing he said was, “Okay, we will continue to pray.”

At the time I was in a heterosexual marriage. I was married to a man. And it just wasn’t working out.

You might be in denial for a particular period of time, but you will always know.

I don’t think my family has come to a place of support. I think that they’re still struggling with acceptance.

I don’t have any regrets about coming out, because it has been the most elevating, free, real time of my life.

Watch the video on BBC Pidgin.

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