Congrats to Liberian-American author Wayétu Moore on the birth of her daughter. A few months ago, she shared news of her pregnancy. The child is finally here and mother and child are doing well. What a joy!

Moore shared the news of her daughter’s delivery on Instagram with this lovely note and the photo below:

three weeks ago this morning, all of my favorite love stories coalesced into the form of my daughter’s body. she is more than me, more than Eric. she is Gus and Mam, Denis and Grace, Ma Jassie and Charles, June and Adeline, those Vai foremothers, those Ogbotitis, those ancient lovers across that river in Yenegoa. she is where we and our ancestors meet. she is when all of our lives defy time, defy death and convene, her first breath a chorus. she is mighty already. music already

We are overjoyed by the news. Congrats to Moore and her family!