Trailblazing author Unoma Azuah, in partnership with Women’s Initiative for Sustainable Empowerment and Equality (WISE), is curating a non-fiction anthology for queer women from West Africa.

The project, titled Between Man and God, seeks to create awareness about the persecutions faced by Queer women in the sub-continent, as well as document their resilience within a homophobic clime. They are looking for “writings that explore the human emotions of joy, rage and optimism, while reaching towards the ineffable with a boundless capacity for courage and a tasteful attention to craft.”

All shortlisted entries will be collected in an anthology edited by Award-winning author Unoma Azuah. Honorarium will be given to the top three best selected entries to acknowledge the excellence of their craft and to encourage visibility through writing.


·    First place- $1000

·    Second place- $750

·    Third place- 500

NOTE: Submission is open to only queer women from West Africa. This includes lesbian, bisexual and trans women from West Africa, living in West Africa and or in the diaspora.

For submissions guidelines, head to Arts Lounge.