There have been some really cool partnerships between African authors and unique brands lately! Nigerian poet Titilope Sonuga recently shared a “sweet collaboration” between Canadian businesses Glass Bookshop and Kind Ice Cream. At the center of this collaboration are two things she loves: poetry and ice cream.

If you’re in the Edmonton area, stop by Kind Ice Cream for pints of delicious ice cream flavors with winter themed poetry on the package. Sonuga is one of six writers featured on the Glass Bookshop and Kind Ice Cream winter poetry collaboration. Some of the other writers include Michelle Campos Castillo and Jessica Johns.

Sonuga’s poem excerpt, titled “Missing,” is a taste of her brilliant and moving poetry. The poem, which not only touches on themes of immigration and family, but also explores the lasting mental effect from the horrific disappearance of women and girls in northern Nigeria, can be found in her poetry collection This Is How We Disappear.

Titilope Sonuga has authored three award-winning poetry collections: Down to Earth (2011)Abscess (2014), and This Is How We Disappear (2019). She has also  composed and released two spoken word albums, Mother Tongue (2011) and Swim (2019) and written three plays, The Six, Naked, and Ada The Country.

Congratulations to Titilope!