Download for Free: He(a)r Me: Poetry Anthology of Women Survivors

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we bring you a collection of poetry written by women and girls who survived gender-based violence. Titled He(a)r Me: Poetry Anthology of Women Survivors, the collection is the initiative of YouthRISE Nigeria in advocacy for women and girls survivors of GBV, HIV, as well as drug addiction.

He(a)r Me consists of 12 poems, all written by women survivors who want to make their voice known as an act of agency as well as solidarity. Brittle Paper is the proud publisher of this anthology and strongly supports the contributors and YouthRISE Nigeria’s work, particularly in fighting GBV in an attempt to eradicate this global epidemic and help heal its survivors. As YouthRISE Nigeria states in the Introduction:

This anthology seeks to amplify the quietened and unsilence the silenced voices of many young women and girls who have had to endure the harsh realities of gender based violence in our society. We hope this will ensure inclusion of all voices in the gender reform advocacy and help make the world liveable for everyone including women and girls who use drugs […] It is to this end, that YouthRISE Nigeria decided to create an anthology as part of our broader drug policy reform and gender equality advocacy project.

You can read more about YouthRISE Nigeria’s intention and the 12 included poems by clicking on the link below:

Download for Free: He(a)r Me- Poetry Anthology of Women Survivors