It’s great to end the week with some good news. Wayétu Moore, author of the novel She Would Be King  and the memoir The Dragons, The Giant, The Women, announced that she is expecting her second child!

The novelist revealed the news in an Instagram post with baby bump Gifs and the caption:

Years shorter, circle smaller (and how divine), world bigger. Joy.(I wanted to participate in dry January with hubby but I opened the year without a choice 😩 Had to be creative and gave up Instagram instead. Hope you’ve all been well!)

Moore is a fierce advocate for diverse children’s literature. She has authored a number of children’s book and founded One Moore Book, a non-profit org that “creates and distributes culturally relevant books for underrepresented readers.” The little is coming to a family that loves books. How cute!

When Moore had her first child, she shared this moving message on instagram:

three weeks ago this morning, all of my favorite love stories coalesced into the form of my daughter’s body. she is more than me, more than Eric. she is Gus and Mam, Denis and Grace, Ma Jassie and Charles, June and Adeline, those Vai foremothers, those Ogbotitis, those ancient lovers across that river in Yenegoa. she is where we and our ancestors meet. she is when all of our lives defy time, defy death and convene, her first breath a chorus. she is mighty already. music already

We are wishing her all the very best as she goes on yet another journey of motherhood. Congrats to Moore and her growing family!