Hello Brittlepaperians, it’s the end of the week, and we have another light, fun post to send you off to a relaxing weekend.

Nigerian author and publisher Lola Soneyin looks great in her vintage-style iro and buba, but so does the copy of Mohale Mashigo’s Intruders, color-coordinated to go with the outfit. The photo was shared on Instagram and is part of a series she dubbed “Akara boxset.”

Iro and Buba is a style of Yoruba wear consisting of a wrapper and loose-fitting blouse. The series feature Ouidah team members posing with other books. The books featured alongside the outfits are from the collection at Ouidah Bookstore, based in Lagos, which Shoneyin also runs.

Cheers to the weekend! Feel free to include the featured books in your TBR list.