Photos sourced from Leye Adenle’s Instagram @leyeadenle.

TGIF to all the Brittlepaperians out there. To usher in the weekend, we are spotlighting Nigerian crime fiction writer Leye Adenle’s recent visit to a sunny beach in Kokrobite, Ghana.

The trip, which he documented on Instagram, is giving us serious vacay vibes. Most of the photos are shots of the beach and tons of street art and wall murals. There is even a cute photo of Adenle walking a dog on the beach!

For those who are new to Adenle’s work, he is the mastermind behind all the Amaka Thrillers, a series of crime fiction about an investigator named Amaka making life unbearable for very bad guys. The third book in the series, titled Unfinished Business, is hot off the press. It came out last month. You can order a copy here.

Cheers everyone! May your weekend by as fun and restful as Adenle’s Ghana getaway!


All photos sourced from Leye Adenle’s Instagram @leyeadenle.