Photo sourced from Bolu Babalola’s Instagram.

British-Nigerian romance novelist Bolu Babalola recently bought a house of her own. What an inspiring milestone!

She shared the news on Instagram and captioned the post: “the house that Love Stories built,” hinting that the success of her books brought her the remarkable achievement.

Babalola is known for her debut romance novel Honey & Spice (2022) and her short story collection Love in Colour (2020). She has made her mark writing captivating stories centered on rich exploration of love and relationships. It is inspiring to see her dedication paying off.

Read the rest of the caption below:

Thanking my God for the fact that this happened and my village for helping me keep my sanity through the truly chaotic 6 month process of renovating and moving. So grateful. Looking forward to blooming here, getting waved here, doing hoodrat shit with my friends here and writing more love stories here feeling very blessed.

Siri play New Apartment by Ari Lennox!

Congrats to Babalola on becoming a home owner!