I searched the internet for more about you.
I searched for a story that I hadn’t been told
Maybe about the light your eyes would carry and what you would see as a little girl
Maybe about the mothers who would teach you that your mother tongue can be a home too
Even when you’re miles away.
Maybe about the birds you would admire
Free and alive
Wondering where the skies could take them
How far the sky could run and what would you find on the other side?
I searched the internet for more about you
For stories that do not include words like sold and Venus
Maybe a story for that little girl and the dreams she carried
Maybe the songs she sang when she cried out to her mother
Maybe about the birds she saw again
Not in the sky like in her homeland
But caged and afraid
Wondering how the sky could be the same on the other side
But how even the birds are no longer allowed to fly.