CarpeDiem. (6)

Us dancing
Queening like Beyoncé
Blaming it all on the Vodka and the MaryJane
Dreading the hangover tomorrow
Enjoying the looseness of our bodies
In love with each other
In love with ourselves
In love with the DJ
Crushing on the bartender
Saying things, we won’t remember
Light as flowers falling in Fall
Full as gooseberries ready for plucking
Middle fingers in the air
As the song ends and I hear your voice
I laugh at nothing
I’m happy
I’m home.



Post image is an adaptation of a photograph by Huw via Flickr.

About the Author:

Portrait - MundangepfupfuKeith is a young Zimbabwean passionate about words, the power can they have on human beings and the world. Keith has written for HerZimbabwe, Voices of Africa Mail and Guardian and he also blogs when life allows him.